Adaptive Learning Programs

Adaptive Learning Courseware Grant

CETLOE is supporting a number of uses of Adaptive Learning courseware as the university begins pilots of this technology. Adaptive Learning Courseware adjusts to students personalized learning needs by allowing students to interact with information at their own pace and discover individual learning pathways. The courseware uses assessments to adjust which information is delivered to students, and provides automated and predictive course feedback to instructors as well as students to help guide instruction and self-directed study. These faculty are piloting aspects of Adaptive Learning in their courses.

APLU Accelerating Adoption of Adaptive Courseware Grant

American Government: Mike Evans and Toby Bolsen
Global Issues: Chris Brown and Jeannie Grussendorf
Principles of Macroeconimics: Grace O
Principles of Microeconomics: Shelby Frost
Introduction to Psychology: Chantal Tusher and Tim Flemming
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Gates Next-Generation Courseware Grant

Jared Poley, History
Jeff Young, History

Sciences Exploration

Jonathan Lochamy, Biology
Robert Maxwell, Biology
David Blaustein, Biology
Nancy Russell, Biology

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