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Active Learning refers to an approach to instruction that focuses the responsibility of learning on the learner. This type of instructor / student relationship can take many forms but almost all of them attempt to communicate higher level learning skills such as synthesis, analyses, and evaluation of material. The goal of Active Learning is create more engagement with course material through a varied approach to course instruction. Students in Active Learning situations will be challenged in new ways apart from traditional methods and be given a wider array of opportunities to interact with their peers and course content.
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Participants in the Active Learning Program teach in the CS 226 active learning classroom and get access to CETLOE resources for assistance designing course activities that take advantage of the room’s features. CS 226 allows for new modalities of student engagement and increased peer-to-peer interaction. This fully flexible, wireless-based classroom supports higher order teaching approaches such as a flipped classroom or hybrid approaches to the scholarship of teaching and learning.
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Classroom South, Room 226

Teach in Classroom South, Room 226

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Classroom South, Room 226 is designed for courses with projected enrollment of 30-52 students. If you’re interested in teaching in this space please select a semester submit the form below and we’ll contact you with more information.

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