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Georgia State Faculty and Instructors

Fellowships & Grants

Faculty Teaching Fellowships
University Faculty Teaching Fellowships support faculty who demonstrate a strong commitment to teaching and who are actively participating in the scholarship of teaching and learning research. Learn More >


Mini-grants are made to support education and scholarship of teaching and learning projects. 7-8 mini-grants are awarded each year to support new teaching projects or expand on current projects each year. Learn More >



Active Learning Program
Participants in the Active Learning Program teach in the CS 226 active learning classroom and get access to CETLOE resources for assistance designing course activities that take advantage of the room’s features. CS 226 allows for new modalities of student engagement and increased peer-to-peer interaction. Learn More >


Critical Thinking Through Writing
The CETLOE provides support for the Critical Thinking Through Writing Program.All students seeking baccalaureate degrees are required to complete a critical thinking through writing (CTW) requirement. Learn More >

College to Careers
College to Careers (CTC) enables faculty and staff to provide students with opportunities to identify, reflect upon, and document the career competencies they learn in and out of the classroom as a way to support their success after graduation. Learn More >


Digital Literacy Initiative
Faculty participating in the Digital Literacy Initiative are asked to reexamine their courses to incorporate digital literacy components that are specific to their fields, with the aim of helping students’ think digitally and develop skills vital to succeeding in their professions and in post-graduate studies. Learn More >


Faculty Teaching & Learning Communities
2020-21 Faculty Teaching & Learning Communities include:
Sophomore Learning Communities,  High Impact Practices in Online and Hybrid Classrooms,  Place-based Pedagogy in a Virtual World, and  Adapting to (and hopefully enjoying) Online and Blended Teaching. Learn More >

Reacting to the Past
Engage in real-time, in-person group simulation where students replay a pivotal historical scenario to explore its context and investigate its causes, complexities, and differing possible outcomes. Learn More >


Signature Experience Courses
Signature Experience courses are high-impact educational practices that make learning come alive and provide real-world engagement with course content. Learn More >


Work with a Student Innovation Fellow
Student Innovation Fellows develop expertise and share ideas around emerging technologies and instructional innovations, with particular attention to enhancing learning and research at Georgia State University. Learn More >


Writing Across the Curriculum
Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) describes a set of pedagogical practices grounded in the premise that writing plays an indispensable role in developing critical thinking skills, learning discipline-specific content, and building competence in the modes of inquiry and dissemination specific to various disciplines and professions. Learn More >



Pedagogical Mentorship Award
Each year, graduate students are asked to nominate a faculty member who has served as a teaching inspiration and mentor. Learn More >


Part-Time Instructor Pedagogy Award
Awarded to a part-time instructor who shows dedication to teaching and to the development of student learning. Learn More >

Perimeter College Only

Learning Impact Convening
Create and support a culture of continuous improvement among faculty that is grounded in data and focused on iteration. Learn More >

Graduate Students


Graduate Teaching Assistant Pedagogy Award
Awarded to a graduate student who exhibits exceptional work in the classroom and a dedication to improving his or her craft. Learn More >

University-wide & Beyond


University-Wide & More Opportunities
CETLOE helps coordinate university-wide Faculty teaching awards. Grants are currently available related to creating Signature Experience courses.

Additionally, faculty can apply for a Governor’s Teaching Fellowship and the USG Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Fellowship.

CETLOE Grant-Funded Projects


Grant-Funded Projects
CETLOE participates in and supports a number of grant-funded, cross-university and cross-institution projects. Learn More >