CETLOE 2022-23 Book Club

Creating Wicked Students: Designing Courses for a Complex World
By: Paul Hanstedt

In Creating Wicked Students, Paul Hanstedt argues that courses can and should be designed to present students with what are known as “wicked problems” because the skills of dealing with such knotty problems are what will best prepare them for life after college. As the author puts it, “this book begins with the assumption that what we all want for our students is that they be capable of changing the world….When a student leaves college, we want them to enter the world not as drones participating mindlessly in activities to which they’ve been appointed, but as thinking, deliberative beings who add something to society.” –Provided by the publisher.

There are 7 chapters and 6 appendices that we will explore over 10 meetings, from Sept. through May. Books are provided.

Meetings will be determined by book club participants, with a maximum of 18 participants.
Coordinated by Laura Carruth (Director, CETLOE)

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