Adaptive Learning  Faculty Teaching  and Learning Community Event


What if You Didn’t Have to Lecture?

Friday, March 31
1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
GSU Downtown Campus (Classroom South, Room 401)

Please join CETL and the APLU Adaptive Learning Faculty Teaching and Learning Community in exploring how diverse pedagogical practices can help supplement adaptive learning coursewares.

Newer approaches to higher education – like hybridization, flipping, and personalized learning – question the utility of the traditional passive lecture. In fact, emerging research suggests that this format produces poorer results in both authentic and more objective assessment situations. So, if you didn’t have to prepare and deliver an hour-long lecture what would you do with your class time? How would this departure affect your course design? How might this move reverberate throughout your program, department, college, or discipline? And what might the effects be on student learning, disciplinary thinking, and application outside of the classroom? In this discussion-based session, we’ll explore these questions as well as look at some examples of small-scale and holistic redesigns that take passive lecture models off the table.

Light catering and refreshments will be available.


Note: This workshop is a part of the APLU Accelerating Adoption of Adaptive Courseware program.