Classroom Seating Charts

Faculty are encouraged to keep a seating chart if they find it useful and if their department requires them to file one. Use the steps below to download classroom seating chart templates.

For classrooms scheduled by your college, please contact your college scheduling team.
Note: You will be prompted to login with your CampusID email address and password to download seating chart templates and upload your completed files.

Charts are available for university-scheduled classrooms. This list provides an overview of university-scheduled classrooms and their reduced capacity.
For lab, departmental or college-scheduled classrooms, please contact your college scheduling team.

Select Your Classroom Information Below to Download a Seating Chart Template

You’ll be prompted to select a campus, then building, then room for locating the seating chart for your classroom. Click the resulting link to the seating chart template PDF file to access and download it.


Report an Issue
If you are unable to locate a seating chart template for a generally-scheduled classroom or experience an issue, you can let us know the issue here.