Application for the Instructional Enhancement Grant

  • Your Information

  • Project Information

  • Provide an overview of your teaching for student learning method in 200 words or less, including what impact you believe these activities will have on student learning and how you will measure that impact. Innovations may or may not have been implemented at the time of application for this grant. (No more than two pages, single-sided, double-spaced.)
    • Grants may be used to rent, purchase, duplicate or produce materials for instruction. Media such as audio tapes, CD-ROMs, films, DVDs, graphics, photos, slides, and videos may be eligible. Check the LRC to see if Non-Print owns a title before submitting a request.
    • Some restrictions apply for computer-based media. Instructional software may be purchased if it is directly related to a specific course. Mini-grants may not be used to purchase hardware and peripherals.
    • Grants may be used for a variety of small-scale projects that create new curricula, materials, or activities for PC classes. Materials and activities that enhance instruction, including classroom demonstrations or student projects, may also be eligible for funding.