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Core IMPACTS Syllabus Requirements

Review the new areas, outcomes, competencies, and syllabi templates for Core IMPACTS in our guide to constructing a syllabus.

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Digital Learning

Find student resources for thriving with elements of digital instruction.

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Instructor Support for Teaching

On-Campus Appointments

Select a learning technologist by location and availability. On-Campus Appointments must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. CETLOE will allow time between appointments to clean work areas. Instructors booking on-campus appointments should remember to bring their own laptops or other technology and a mask is a must.

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Online Appointments

Select a time to meet with a learning technologist via Webex. Online Appointments are scheduled at least 30 minutes in advance.

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Teaching Mentor Meetings

Meet online with a fellow faculty member from CETLOE to discuss documenting teaching success, classroom management, research-based teaching strategies, or any other teaching questions. These meetings are 30 minutes long, and you can come with a fully-fledged question or just an idea to bounce off a colleague.

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