Requesting Access to iCollege Courses

Instructor Enrollment in iCollege Courses

In accordance with FERPA guidelines, starting May 8th, 2017, any university employee that needs access to protected student data in iCollege courses must have their access requested by an academic department chair, assistant chair, or associate chair if they are not listed as an “instructor of record” in GoSOLAR.

Requests must be made by a Department Chair. Each request will be routed to the University Registrar and/or the Office of Legal Affairs for approval.
Please allow two (2) business days for access requests requiring approval.
Request Employee Access to iCollege
Dept. Chairs can request employee access to iCollege as an Instructor,
TA Full-Access, or
TA Grader.

Request Access 

iCollege Roles Requiring Approval:

  • Instructor: This role allows access to create content, engage and communicate with students, and view/create grades and assessment information. The iCollege Classlist will identify this person as an instructor.
  • TA Full Access: This role is similar to an instructor but the person will be identified in the iCollege Classlist as a TA rather than an instructor.
  • TA Grader: This role only allows access to the iCollege gradebook and activities that need to be assessed. A person assigned this role will be listed in the iCollege Classlist as a TA rather than instructor. This role is not able to modify content.

iCollege Roles Not Requiring Approval:

The instructor of record can add university employees to their iCollege Classlist using roles that do not allow access to protected student data. This is handled via the Classlist in an iCollege course. These roles do not require any approvals.

  • Student
  • Instructor Auditor: An Instructor level role without the ability to see students’ grades and edit course content
  • Guest Lecturer: An Instructor level role for visiting/guest lecturers. Not able to edit course content. Not able to see students’ grades
  • Student Auditor: Student level role. Grades do not appear on course gradebook
  • TA Designer: Able to edit course content. Not able to see students’ grades