Kaltura Media Hosting

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Online campus media hosting
for faculty and staff.

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Kaltura is a video management platform that gives faculty and staff the ability to upload and share video, audio, and other media files. Use Kaltura to:

  • Accept media submissions from students and share video in your iCollege course
  • Host video for your university department
  • Share media with colleagues and others outside of the university
  • Easily upload and encode video for a wide variety of devices, including mobile

Computer-generated closed captioning automatically included!



Get Started with Kaltura: Types of Media Compatible with Kaltura
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Kaltura Video Settings
Create a Channel
Create a Playlist
Using Webcam Recording in Kaltura
Using CaptureSpace in Kaltrua
Using Kaltura in iCollege: Add Media to your iCollege Course with Kaltura
Enable Media Submissions in iCollege with Kaltura

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