Blackboard Collaborate, also known as vClass, is a real-time virtual environment for course audio and video conferencing. It provides a powerful and easy-to-use collaboration environment to hold classes and meetings in a webinar format. You can use Collaborate to bring guest speakers in, hold project meetings, or create online break-out rooms for small-group discussion. Collaborate allows instructors and students to:

  • Text, talk and video chat online, using your computer’s microphone and camera
  • Deliver presentations and share applications and whiteboards
  • Poll group participants in a live format
  • Record online sessions for later playback
  • Dial-in through an integrated phone bridge (Only available for stand-alone sessions)


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iCollege-Integrated Session
Instructors in iCollege already have instant access to Collaborate:

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Stand-Alone Sessions
For a stand-alone Collaborate session, request a meeting.

Request a Meeting  
For Instructors: Create a New Collaborate Room in iCollege
How to Use Collaborate
Grant Access to Collaborate Rooms in iCollege
For Students: Join a Collaborate Room in iCollege
For Facilitators of
Non-Academic Meetings:
Create a Stand-Alone Session
How to Use Collaborate
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