Pedagogical Mentorship Award

Each year, graduate students will be asked to nominate a faculty member who has served as a teaching inspiration and mentor. The faculty member should be someone who has served as an official or unofficial teaching mentor.  Nominations are collected until March 1. The award winner will be notified by April 1 and recognized each year at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Conference.

Students should submit the following:

1. Contact Information

2. Faculty Name, Department and Contact Information

3. A 500 word explanation of the ways in which the faculty member has served as a mentor and inspiration to graduate student teachers.

Nominations will be reviewed by the CETL Director and Associate Directors. Successful nominations will include specific references to the faculty member’s involvement with your teaching and thorough explanations of the faculty member’s investment in the improvement of graduate student pedagogy.

Congratulations to our 2016 Winner!


Mindy Stombler, Principle Senior Lecturer, Sociology

Dr. Stombler specializes in social problems, gender, sexuality, qualitative methods, and pedagogy. As Director of Instruction, she created and continues to spearhead the Graduate Teacher Training Program in the Department of Sociology. She won her college’s Outstanding Teaching Award and the Southern Sociological Society’s Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award.

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