Grant-Funded Projects

Accelerating Adoption of Adaptive Courseware

Georgia State is the recipient of an Accelerating Adoption of Adaptive Courseware grant from the APLU. CETL is currently assisting identified faculty with evaluating adaptive courseware and integrating it into courses.
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Digital Learners to Leaders Program

The Digital Learners to Leaders program puts together cross-disciplinary teams of students with leading technology experts to help create solutions to real problems and prepare students for digital professions. The program is funded by a Digital Economy Initiative grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation in collaboration with Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility. The program encourages students to use digitization and the “Internet of Things” to create solutions for the challenges facing urban communities.
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Social Justice and Student Success at Georgia State

The College of Education & Human Development and the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning are developing, implementing and evaluating an interdisciplinary, hybrid summer research course in which students will explore social justice and student success at Georgia State University.
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NEH Next Generation Humanities PhD

GSU’s Student Innovation Fellowship program through CETL and the departments of English and History are implementing a Next Generation Humanities PhD grant from the NEH, designed to transform the culture of graduate education in the humanities and substantially broaden the career prospects of PhD recipients in the humanities. The project is undertaking a planning process to re-imagine the education of humanists, with an emphasis on preparing students to compete for jobs in growing and evolving fields such as user experience research, project management, and participatory design in Atlanta’s booming media and technology industries.
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Atlanta Studies Network

CETL funds faculty and students to support the Atlanta Studies Network. The Atlanta Studies Network is a broadly interdisciplinary group of researchers, students, and instructors across local institutions with a local audience in mind.
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