Teaching for Social Justice & Democracy Speaker Series

Discover ways you can integrate current social issues into your course to better engage your students and help them to develop their social, emotional and expressive capacities. The Teaching For Social Justice & Democracy Series focuses on instructional strategies that Georgia State University faculty have used to successfully incorporate social justice themes into various subject areas and the resulting positive student outcomes.

Spring 2017 Series Events

The Pedagogy of Social Justice, Art and Activism 
Speaker : Dehanza Rogers, Cornell University 

Date: Fri, March 31
Location: Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
dehanza-rogersJoin CETL and Dehanza Rogers as she presents the Pedagogy of Social Justice, Art and Activism  lecture and workshop. In this lecture, Rogers will discuss ways you can integrate social issues into your course to better engage your students and help them to develop their social, emotional and expressive capacities.Following the lecture attendees will examine how to take seemingly disparate idea and topics and craft meaningful substantive engagement with students.

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3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.
How do we bring the interconnectedness of social issues and our chosen fields of scholarship into the classroom? The workshop will explore how to take seemingly disparate ideas and topics and craft meaningful and substantive engagement with students. The world doesn’t stop once students enter our classrooms. More and more students are questioning how what they are learning in the classroom relates to what is happening in our world. How can they put those skills into effecting change, sparking dialogue and choosing careers that will help them empower others?

We’ll explore how and why we must make time to not only bring up these topics but integrate them in our pedagogy.

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Between Malcolm X and 9/11: Islam and Politics in Today’s Political Climate 
Speaker : Dr Abbas Barzegar 

Date: Wed., April 12
Time: 2 p.m.
Location: Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

The American popular imagination and culture harbors a deep paradox when it comes to the subject of Islam. On the one hand, images across the news and media landscape repeatedly promote the idea that there is an inherent connection between Islam and violence, oppression of women, and backwardness. On the other hand, figures like Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali are revered as cultural icons of enlightenment, nobility, and empowerment. In this talk Dr. Abbas Barzegar will explore these contradictions and explain their presence in light of the topics of race, religion, and American identity after 9/11.




Spring 2017 Series Recordings

Peadagogy for Racial-Social-Justice
Speakers : Dr. Joyce King and Dr. Brian Williams

Recording in process.
Dr. Joyce King discusses examples of her pedagogy and using testimonials, and demonstrates how students report reaching new levels of critical consciousness about racial-social-justice in her courses. Dr. Brian Williams provides examples of the ways he creates critical spaces for teachers to reflect on their beliefs, make shifts of consciousness, and accommodate new perspectives on equity and justice in education.

Fall 2016 Series Recordings

Black Lives Matter as a Pedagogy of Empowerment with Dr. Amani Marshall

Student and Professor Positionality: Talking about Sensitive Racial Topics in a Racially Diverse Classroom with Dr. James Ainsworth

Teaching Black Resistance: Looking Back So We Can Move Forward with Dr. Akinyela Umoja, Chair and Professor of African – American Studies

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Learning in the Age of Social Media with Dr. Megan Boler

More Resources

In addition to her talk, Dr. Boler prepared these teaching resources and links related to “pedagogies of discomfort” and controversial issues/events. If you’re interested in helping students engage with issues related to race, class, gender, religion, or other justice-related issues, check out these resources.