Teaching for Social Justice and Democracy Series: Dr Lakeyta Bonnette and Stic Man

September 8, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Center for Excellence In Teaching and Learning
Library South
100 Decatur St SE, Atlanta, GA 30303


Teaching for Social Justice and Democracy series will focus on instructional strategies and unique teaching methods centered on emerging social justice issues.

GSU faculty from various departments will discuss their discoveries, realizations and methods used to integrate current social justice issues into classroom activities while creating engagement, motivation and inspiration to GSU students.
Speaker: Dr. Lakeyta Bonnette and Stic Man will discuss More than Music: Using Hip Hop to Discuss Social Justice


More than Music: Using Hip Hop to Discuss Social Justice

In 2017 Hip-Hop culture celebrates its 44th year of existence as a cultural form in America.  Since its beginning Hip-Hop has expanded beyond the borders of the United States to serve as a political, social and cultural art form in many nations and among many ethnicities and races throughout the world.  Not only has rap experienced an increase in the diversity of its audience and artists, but it has also seen an increase in the political activities rap artists are participating in and an increase in the global impact of rap music on political movements.  The music and activities of the Hip-Hop community are critical as a voice for marginalized communities in its ability to disseminate knowledge, facilitate awareness, and promote mobilization and action for many social injustices.  This talk will discuss ways in which you can incorporate Hip-Hop culture to discuss issues of social justice domestically and internationally.

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